SenPi is always looking for top tier talent, those special ones with a glint in their eye and fire in their belly - wanting, itching, to build something magical, something that will impact lives of millions of people around them. If that’s you, tu phir game on karain aur dabain apply ka button!. Following are the roles we are hiring for

Currently Hiring

🚀Learning Mentors

😇Student Learning Partners

🌟Business Development Associate (SenPi Counsellor)

✍🏽 SenPi Ghalib (Writers)

Hiring Closed

SenPi Editors (Editors/Motion Graphics)

SenPi Picassos (Illustrators/Animators)

Data Manager

SenPi Math Lovers

SenPi Spielbergs (Storyboard Artists)

SenPi Subject Experts (Matric)

About SenPi

The team behind SenPi consists of professors and researches from Cambridge University and University of Sydney, as well as serial entrepreneurs with experience of having built multi-million dollar companies before. All united by a single vision - give our kids the advantage they so desperately need.

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